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Alison: Lead Female role, 43, a cartoonist

LGBTQIA+ preferred; cartoonist, writer. Both self-aware and self-conscious, Reflective, appreciating both joy and sadness.
Mezzo-soprano with strong low range belt (Range E3-D5), Non-dancer. Seeking actor age 40+

Medium Alison: Lead Female role, 19, a college freshman

LGBTQIA+ preferred; a college student will also play a Susan Dey an imaginary television show character. Smart, awkward, confused - a romantic. Realizing and embracing that she is lesbian.
Mezzo-soprano with belt (Range: G3-E5), Dancing and singing required. Seeking actor approximately age 18-20

SMALL ALISON: Lead role, around 9 years old

Intelligent, confident, and bossy. Precocious.

Alto with a light belt (Range: A3-E5), Dancing and singing required. Seeking actor approximately ages 8-11.

BRUCE BECHDEL: Lead role, Alison’s father

LGBTQIA+ preferred; Alison's father, Depressed and self-loathing, hurtful, closeted gay. Husband and father of three - likes the role, but not the rules.

Baritone (Range: A2-G4). Dancing and singing required. Seeking actors ages 40+.

HELEN BECHDEL: Supporting role,Alison’s mother

Alison's mother. Depressed and self-deluded, unhappy, cold. Wife and mother of three - has compromised herself into marginalism.

Mezzo-soprano with strong vocal mix (Range: A3-E5), Dancing and singing required. 40+

CHRISTIAN BECHDEL: Supporting role, Alison’s brother, around 10 years old

Alison's brother. Smart, funny, and independent.

Tenor or Soprano with strong vocal mix (Range: C#4-D5). Singing and dancing required. Seeking actor approximately ages 10-13.

JOHN BECHDEL: Supporting Role, Alison’s brother, around 6 years old (Range: C#4-E5) 

Singing and Dancing required. Seeking actor approximately ages 6-9

ROY/MARK/PEET/BOBBY: Supporting Male Role

This part is multiple roles from a young man that Bruce hires to do yard work, to a high school junior, to a mourner, to an imaginary television character. 
Tenor (Range: G3-A4 (opt. D#5). Actor must be versatile. Singing and Dancing is required. Seeking actor approximately ages 18-30.

JOAN: 19-21, a college student (Range: G3-E4)
Alison's love interest and the person who helps her discover herself in college. Also plays an imaginary television character called the Susan Deys.
singing is required. 


Rehearsals begin August 7th

Show Runs the end of September and the first week of October in Fairbanks, Alaska.


Want to save time? Fill out an audition form prior to your audition. 

Click the link below to be taken to the google form.

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